Mojo Rising

What or who is an artist?   Is an artist a person who makes up a mythology about themselves? Or more literally, is an artist just someone who likes to push paint, pencils, charcoal,and various media round on a canvas or other media?  Having met many artists in the art scene here in South Florida, I have felt oftentimes like an outcast among the creative class.  I don’t talk endlessly about my art and where it comes from, and I don’t have a detailed story to tell about each painting that I create.  I like to play with form and color and find it to be therapeutic and healing to create art, not to mention it’s just plain fun.

I know I’m in the zone when I feel like a child.  I don’t hear or see anything else when I get to that special place where I’m channeling something that doesn’t always feel like it’s coming from just me.  Sometimes it feels like there is something otherworldly guiding my hand and I like when Mojo visits me. Mojo isn’t always in motion with me, but it’s always inside me, sometimes it’s quiet, and other times it won’t let me ignore it.  Mojo speaks to me in color which is why it’s often so difficult to explain my art.. it was never in the form of words in coming through my hands, so I cannot always put a wordy explanation with a piece. I do however not begrudge the viewer their own point of view.  I enjoy hearing other peoples’ impressions of what these paintings and drawings evoke out of them.

That being said, I guess I’ve just mythologized my creativity, but not to make myself appear to be more “artsty”.  Artists often have a reputation for being strange and flaky, eccentric, and not quite all there.  I think this is a stereotype that I simply do not fit into. I find myself to be all too much “there”.. I am hyper aware of the currents of time, I feel how things change and morph from one thing to another. Those changing currents govern the substance of my creations.

I don’t generally like to plan out my paintings (my main form of creativity) because I like for them to have an organic evolution over time, going from blank canvas to color explosion in a matter of minutes, hours, and sometimes even several days or weeks.

Why am I an artist? Creating and playing with colors, shapes, and ideas is an inborn part of me. This state is integral to my being, not something I have to pretend or affect.  I have always painted and drawn for as long as I can remember.  It’s a part of my existence, and whether or not I sell a painting, or whether my art is or isn’t shown in a gallery has no bearing at all on whether I will create. I must create because it’s what I know to do first and foremost. It is just what I am. 

"Colormelt Third Eye"

Coloring pencil and ballpoint pen on paper

October 2007

Watercolor doodles from my sketchbook

May 2012

Escape Velocity

acrylic on canvas




Oil on canvas


Untitled Nude


Watercolor on cardstock